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Our Placements!

Webcom doesn’t create unnecessary hype about its courses, nor does it show any mirage to its students. It believes in imparting world class education which takes them towards a bright successful future. At Webcom we keep our words and it is evident through our glorious tradition of giving 100% placement to our students in the organizations, that match their worth.

Keeping alive the tradition of excellence, Webcom has always been the Industry Leader in venturing out of the latest and emerging Technologies. We feel really proud to inform the masses that we are one of the best and leading ERP, EMBEDDED and other high end Technologies Traing Company of the Country. All this has been possible because of the exemplary team work perform by the team of professionals at WEBCOM TECHNOLOGIES.

Our courses equips them to rub shoulders with the best IT Professionals and our Placement Cell just provide them the right direction which gives them a flying start. We assist Trainees in benifitting from our Human Resources Data bank since it has buit up an enormous database of corporate head hunters/ Reputed Placement agencies. Afterall we believe that the success of our courses lies in the success of our students.

Our Top Placements

S.No. Name Company Designation Package S.No. Name Company Designation Package
1.   Siddhartha TCS SAP Consultant 5.5 lacs 71.   Pankaj Sharma TCS Gurgaon Embedded Engineer 3.0 lacs
2.   Sanjeev Siemens SAP Consultant 5.0 lacs 72.   Pawan Kumar IBM Research Centre Embedded Engineer 3.0 lacs
3.   Kamal IBM SAP Consultant 5.0 lacs 73.   Sapna Sony IT-Manager 2.5 lacs
4.   Kunal HCL SAP Consultant 4.0 lacs 74.   Ujjwal Motorola Software Developer 5.0 lacs
5.   Jaya Malhotra Apollo Group SAP Consultant 3.8 lacs 75.   Avinash Kumar Serviont, Delhi Software Developer 4.5 lacs
6.   Pradeep Pani Radico Khaitan SAP Consultant 3.5 lacs 76.   Ketan Sexana Mahindra British Telecom Software Engineer 3.5 lacs
7.   Sanjay Kumar Gaur Bramco, Beherin Deputy Manager – MM 8.5 lacs 77.   Deepak H.P. Software Developer 3.4 lacs
8.   Manoj Kumar Bramco, Beherin MM Consultant 8.0 lacs 78.   Pankaj Kumar NTPC, Scope Bhawan S/W Developer 2.5 lacs
9.   Deepa roy HCL, NOIDA ABAP Consultant 2.5 lacs 79.   Ashima  HCL J2EE Programmer 4.5 lacs
10.   Vipul Accenture, Bangalore SAP-PP Consultant 5.0 lacs 80.   Swati Issar HCL Gurgaon J2EE Developer 1.5 lacs
11.   Asad Accenture SAP BASIS 3.5 lacs 81.   Saurabh Singh Eperium Business Solutions  Software Engineer (J2EE) 1.8 lacs
12.   Amit DLT Online  SAP BASIS 2.0 lacs 82.   Md. Anus Farrooqui MMT Software Developer(J2EE) 3.35 lacs
13.   Rajat Gupta Amrit Vanaspati ABAP Support 1.5 lacs 83.   A V Mahesh Gateway Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. Software Developer(J2EE) 2.5 lacs
14.   Sahil Kakar Amrit Vanaspati  ABAP Support 1.5 lacs 84.   Sandeep Singh Deploy Solutions Member Technical J2EE 3.1 lacs
15.   K.K.Sharma Vishal MegaMart ABAP Support 2.0 lacs 85.   Tarun Jangra Perot System TSI(INDIA) J2EE Developer 2.4 lacs
16.   PREM PRAKASH Delta Energy System ABAP Consultant 3.81 lacs 86.   Satyam Saxena HCL, Noida TSO 2.5 lacs
17.   Satya Narayan HCL TECHNOLOGIES ABAP Developer 3.0 lacs 87.   Munesh Babu NIC, Udyog Bhawan .NET Programmer 1.5 lacs
18.   Japneet Singh Samsung India ABAP Developer 3.1 lacs 88.   Vipin Mohan ATS Infotech .NET 1.2 lacs
19.   Tapan Swain Parekh Corporation ABAP Developer 1.3 lacs 89.   Sri Kant A 1 Technologies Chandigarh Software Developers 2.1 lacs
20.   Prakash Chandra Jat Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Udaipur ABAP Developer 2.5 lacs 90.   Anamika TECHTREE IT SYSTEMS Software Developer 2.5 lacs
21.   Alok Sharma IBM ABAP Developer 3.0 lacs 91.   Anwar Ali Handshake Infotech Software Engineer 2.25 lacs
22.   Shailendra Tyagi Business Park Town Planner Ltd. SAP SD consultant 2.4 lacs 92.   Deepak Rastogi JIL, JP Group .NET Developer 1.5 lacs
23.   Abhinav Khanna Vishal Retail Pvt Ltd ABAP Developer 2.4 lacs 93.   Praveen Chauhan JIL, JP Group .NET Developer 1.5 lacs
24.   Prakash Chandra Jat Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Udaipur ABAP Developer 2.5 lacs  94.   T R Subramanian ST Infosys .NET Programmer 2.0 Lacs
25.   Naveen Chandra Fujitsu Consulting Ltd. SAP BASIS Consultant 4.2 lacs 95.   Renuka Kala CMC Limited .NET Programmer 1.8 lacs
26.   Shreeta Kumari Xansa ABAP Consultant 4.8 lacs 96.   Rahul DLT Online .NET Programmer 1.8 lacs
27.   Amit Mahajan  Apollo India SAP MM Consultant 6.0 lacs  97.   Kunal DLT Online .NET Programmer 1.6 lacs
28.   Veer Abhimanyu Wipro SAP fi consultant 2.4 lacs 98.   Prateek Sharma Vanguard,Gurgaon .NET Programmer 1.5 Lacs
29.   Faiz Rahman Apollo SAP ABAP Consultant 3.55 lacs 99.   Vikas Garg Sofsol India .NET Programmer 1.2 Lacs
30.   Kamal Taneja Ranbaxy Labs Ltd. SAP BASIS Adminstrator 2.5 lacs 100.   Aman Singla Laxmi Bai Market .NET Programmer  1.2 lacs
31.   Deepti Charak Satyam Online Software Engineer(ABAP) 3.2 lacs 101.   Vishal Gupta Webcom Savita Vihar .NET Programmer  1.2 lacs
32.   Saroj Kumar Reliance Industries Ltd SAP FI Executive 2.4 lacs 102.   Renuka Kala CMC Ltd .NET Programmer  1.4 lacs
33.   Vijay Sheel Vishal Retail Ltd.  SAP Executive (FI) 1.75 lacs 103.   Munesh Babu DLT Online .NET Programmer  1.6 lacs
34.   Alok Ranjan Vishal Retail Ltd.  SAP Executive (PP) 2.0 lacs 104.   Abhishek Kumar Gates Software Developer 1.8 lacs
35.   Kamal Kant Vishal Retail Ltd.  SAP Executive (SD) 2.0 lacs 105.   Ram Ayodhya Zensor Technology Dot Net Developer 2.4 lacs
36.   Javed Naseer Vishal Retail Ltd.  SAP Executive (PP) 2.0 lacs 106.   Vijayendra Suman Arioses Software Ltd Software Programmer 1.8 lacs
37.   Pankaj Gupta Vishal Retail Ltd.  SAP Executive (MM) 2.0 lacs 107.   Satguru Anand Aciron Consulting Dot Net Developer 1.8 lacs
38.   Anurag Vishal Retail Ltd.  SAP Executive (PP) 2.0 lacs 108.   Bhuban Deepak Sharma Aciron Consulting Dot Net Developer 1.8 lacs
39.   Aakash Kheralia Vishal Retail Ltd.  SAP Executive (FI) 2.0 lacs 109.   Abid Aciron Consulting Dot Net Developer 1.8 lacs
40.   B.Bapujee Kumar Patro ALLE Technologies Functional Consultant(FI) 3.6 lacs 110.   Mohnish Madhukar Health Ministry Dot Net Developer 2.4 lacs
41.   Anjani Kumar Thakur ISPAT Industries Ltd. Senior Engineer (Datawarehouse) 3.0 lacs 111.   Lav Pandey Tricon Infotech Software Engineer 2.4 lacs
42.   Nakul WIPRO Embedded Programmer 5.8 lacs 112.   Hanish Testia Enterprise Infotech Dot Net Developer 1.8 lacs
43.   Santosh Kumar Mishra Sumi Motherson “MIND” Embedded Engineer 5.5 lacs 113.   Madan Kumar Enterprise Infotech Dot Net Developer 1.8 lacs
44.   Vinod Kumar Seth Infosys Embedded Engineer 5.5 lacs 114.   Sanjay Km. Sharma Enable Technologies Dot Net Developer 2.1 lacs
45.   Vishal Gautam Infosys Tech. Ltd., Chennai Embedded Engineer 5.0 lacs 115.   Ashok Kumar Saini Key Tech Services Pvt. Ltd. Dot Net Developer 1.8 lac
46.   Vibhor Bhatnagar Gamut Technologies Ltd., Mumbai Embedded Engineer 4.5 lacs 116.   Animesh Gaurav FIPS Technology .NET Developer 2.3 lacs
47.   Ujjwal Aggarwal WESSE, Navy Embedded Engineer 4.5 lacs 117.   Vishal Kamra Greenfield Online Software Engineer 3.2 lacs
48.   Shantanu Kumar Pixtel Media Tech., Noida Embedded Engineer 4.5 lacs 118.   Sanjeev Kumar Life Business Project Ltd. Software Engineer 2.4 lacs
49.   Anand Kumar IBM Embedded Engineer 4.0 lacs 119.   Bhupesh Km. Swain RITES LTD. Dot Net Programmer 2.6 lacs
50.   Gaurav Vijay Infosys, Bangalore Embedded Engineer 3.8 lacs 120.   Munesh Sharma NTPC SQT 2.4  Lacs
51.   Naveen Kaul NIIT Limited Embedded Developer 3.5 lacs 121.   Deepak HCL SQT 2.4 Lacs
52.   Amit Chaturvedi Reliance Infocom, Gurgaon Embedded Engineer 3.5 lacs 122.   Dinkar Prasad Singh ICRON SQT 1.8 lacs
53.   Anoop Pant Reliance Infocom Embedded Engineer 3.5 lacs 123.   Sanjay Sharma T- Solutions SQT 2.5 lacs
54.   Bhavish Gaur TCS, Hyderbad Embedded Engineer 3.5 lacs 124.   Kamil Raza Imax SQT 1.20 lacs
55.   Deepak Kulkarni Dacs Software, Bangalore Embedded Engineer 3.4 lacs 125.   Kunal Shyam Patni Computer Systems Software Analyst 2.0 lacs
56.   Milan Mahajan Sampark Search Embedded Consultant 2.5 lacs 126.   Rishabh Jain Vedam Software Testing 2.0 lacs
57.   Ajay Tyal Net Yantra Embedded Engineer 2.5 lacs 127.   Surjeet Kumar Safaltek Software Pvt Ltd. Software Testing Engineer 1.8 lacs
58.   Manish Gupta Convergys BPO Embedded Engineer 2.5 lacs 128.   Sarvjeet Singh Orange Business Solutions Testing Analyst 4.0 lacs
59.   Amit Chaturvedi CMC Limited Embedded Engineer 1.44 lacs 129.   Ashok Kumar Verma Ienerziger Software Test Engineer 1.5 lacs
60.   Nishit Sharma Jinyani Systech P.Ltd. Embedded Programmer 2.0 lacs 130.   Lokesh Kumar Yardi Software India Pvt Ltd Software Tester 1.8 lacs
61.   R.Ramakrishnan Zyron Infotech, Mumbai Embedded Developer 2.5 lacs 131.   Manoj M Intellevate India Pvt Ltd. Q A Engineer 3.7 lacs
62.   Ajay SGL Graphics Technology Embedded Project Eng. 1.5 lacs 132.   Chandrani Basu EDS Technologies, Bangalore 3 D Animation 2.4 Lacs
63.   Vishal Gupta CMC Limited Embedded Engineer 1.5 lacs 133.   Sachin Webcom, Pitampura 3 D Animation 1.8 lacs
64.   Ashwin Arora Accenture Embedded Engineer 2.4 lacs 134.   Amit Vanessa Power Mart 3 D Animation 2.80 lacs
65.   PRIYANKA SHARMA Param Hans Soft. & Systems Embedded Engineer 1.5 lacs 135.   Deepender 3D Solutions 3 D Animation 1.60 lacs
66.   Anand Chaturvedi Satyam Computer Services Embedded Engineer 3.4 lacs 136.   Vaibhav Batra House of pearl Fico Consultant 2.80 lacs
67.   Amit Chaturvedi WIPRO, Chennai Embedded Engineer 3.5 lacs 137.   Sonam Goswami Shivani oil & Gas  (Sap)MM Executive 2.40 lacs
68.   Anup Pant Activa Embedded Engineer 3.0 lacs 138.   Ashok Kumar Shivani oil & Gas (Sap ) Fico Consultant  3.60 lacs
69.   Tarun Soni Kring Tellabs Embedded Developer 1.5 lacs 139.   Romesh Rana Vishal Retail Pvt. Ltd. Sap Abap Consultant 3.50 lacs
70.   Amit Jain Reliance EmbeddedDeveloper 3.0 lacs          

Our Placements