i-Phone/i-Pad Training Course!

Module 1: i-Phone course overview

This i-Phone and i-Pad app development course is designed to get you started in i-Phone app development. This course includes Interface Builder, X-code, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch programming, and the APIs included in the i-OS SDK. After completing our i-Phone app training course you would be able to build applications for i-Phone and i-Pad. The complete course is hands-on based. At the end of the course we will built a practical i-Phone App in the class. This app development project will ensure that you can build your own apps for i- Phone and i-Pad.

Module 2: Who is this i-Phone App Development course for?

This training course is for you if you are interested in using objective-C to build your own i- Phone and i-Pad apps.

Module 3: Learn from i-Phone & i-Pad App Developers

This course will be offered by our i-Phone app developers who have been have been programming professional i-Phone application. Those consultants write and teach our i-Phone training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

Module 4: Requirements for i-Phone Course

There are two main requirements for this course. You would need to bring your Mac laptop running Snow Leopard and you should have basic experience with any object-oriented language such as Java, C#, VB, PHP or ASP.net. This course is not suitable for delegates with no programming experience. If you would like to first get some object oriented programming experience, we offer PHP course and ASP.net training courses. Please contact us to discuss this pre- requisite.

Module 5: Course contents

Module 6: Introduction i-Phone App Development course

Introducing the i-Phone, iPod Touch and i-Pad What is Objective-C X-code IDE as a development tool The iOS Developer Center, Program and SDK

Module 7: Objective-C Basics

Introduction to Objective-C Use Object-C for i-Phone/i-Pad development Objective-C syntax and constructs Objective-C classes allocate and deal locate objects How to define properties memory management Foundation classes message sending at runtime

Module 8: X-code IDE as a development tool

Use X-code IDE for building i-Phone applications debugging and editing using X-code IDE manage project resources. Interface Builder for interface design

Module 9: Interface builder GUI Tool

How to design applications using Interface Builder Connect interface to your code File's Owner and First Responder

Module 10: Cocoa Touch Design Patterns:

Coca touch for the i-Phone, iPod Touch, and i-Pad What are object-oriented design patterns? object-oriented libraries of Coca touch benefits of model-view-controller (MVC) Use of delegation and notifications

Module 11: View and View Controllers

What are views and view Controllers? model-view-controller (MVC) design for Apps Design Views Connect view to controllers List of Apple's pre-built view controllers

Module 12: Table Views:

What is Table View Create data source Insert and delete table data Navigate between tables using navigation controllers

Module 13: Manage Navigation:

Create navigation in i-Phone App How to use Apple's navigation controller User of tab bar controller

Module 14: i-Phone and i-Pad virtual Keyboard

Use of virtual keyboard use delegates to keyboard input

Module 15: Gesture Recognizers:

what are gesture recognizers Touch Events taps and swipes

Module 16: Graphics:

User of graphics in app How to use images Draw shapes

Module 17: Animation:

How to make animation in Apps New blocks syntax in iOS SDK 4

Module 18: System Events

What are system events i-Phone's built- in accelerometers Local / Push Notifications

Module 19: Memory Management:

Memory management using retain counts and auto release pools

Module 20: Integrate with Core Services and other i-Phone Apps:

Integrate your app with Address Book Integration with Maps Integration with Safari and Mail.

Project: Build a complete i-Phone application

Build a complete a real world i-Phone application in class with an experienced developer as mentor.

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